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domingo, 27 de setembro de 2015

World Tourism Day

World Tourism Day is September 27.

Where do you want to go?

I want to go to Thailand...
The picture depicts the beautiful residence of the ambassador of Portugal...

terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2015


Emocionante atuação da cançao Venezuela por meninos índios venezuelanos da região de Kavak.

No começo de mais um ano letivo tenho-me lembrado como todas as crianças daquele país merecem o melhor ...

quinta-feira, 10 de setembro de 2015

The longest-reigning British monarch.

This photograph of The Queen by the renowned British photographer Mary McCartney has been released to mark the moment Queen Elizabeth II became the longest reigning British Monarch (on 9 September 2015) surpassing Queen Victoria.

Visitors to Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse and to the Summer Opening of Buckingham Palace will enjoy a display of a selection of photographs from 1952 to the present day. The images include official portraits and informal family moments.

She was 25 years old when she became queen, being crowned the following year, and holding true to the promise she had made as a princess."I declare before you all that my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service," she said on her 21st birthday on April 21, 1947.

It turned out to be long and active. From the conquering of Mount Everest in 1953, to the first steps by man on the moon in 1969, the invention of the World Wide Web in 1989, and the rise of social media in the 21st century, The Queen's 63-year 216 days reign has witnessed some incredible changes that have made her a very dignified Queen.


King George IV State Diadem

Queen Elizabeth´s 89th birthday

Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday Portrait

Diamond Jubilee: Queen celebrating 60-year reign

More Queens in the future?

terça-feira, 1 de setembro de 2015

Oxford University Press

The Oxford English Dictionary remains dedicated to preserving older words in the print edition, but Oxford University Press allows the online version to be much more up-to-date with the modern vernacular. So words like hangry (anger caused by hunger), wine o’clock (an appropriate time of day to drink wine), and rage quit (when you give up on something because of intense anger), are now accepted.

Together with Grexit (n.: a term for the potential withdrawal of Greece from the eurozone)  and Brexit ( n.: a term for the hypothetical departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union), Oxford Dictionary adds new slang, and a verb form of MacGyver (make or repair -an object- in an improvised or inventive way, making use of whatever items are at hand)

MacGyver was an action-adventure television series which ran for seven seasons from 1985 to 1992.

See The list of new words added recently 

Ementa do navio Titanic

A ementa da última refeição servida a bordo do navio Titanic vai agora a leilão e espera-se que renda de $50 000 a $70 000.

Após o filme realizado por James Cameron, Titanic (1997), com Kate Winslet e Leonardo Dicaprio, houve um renovado interesse pela história deste navio tragicamente afundado em 1912, na sua viagem inaugural. Em 2013, Lisboa recebeu a exposiçao Titanic, que já percorrera diversas cidades.