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sexta-feira, 11 de maio de 2012

Art in Canada

The “Group of Seven”

Thomson, In the Northland

The Group of Seven was created in 1920 as a movement of self-proclaimed modern artists, who started a long revolution in the conservative Canadian art. Tom THOMSON (1877–1917) had a significant influence on the group and was included in the circle of friends, but since he died in 1917 he never became a member of the Group. The “Group of Seven” chose subjects which revealed the beautiful landscapes of Canada, and that may be one of the reasons they are nationally beloved.

The Group of Seven seated around a table at the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto. From left to right:
Varley, Jackson, Harris, Barker Fairley (non-member), Johnston, Lismer, MacDonald. Carmichael was  absent.

 The original members were:

Franklin CARMICHAEL (1890–1945)

Carmichael, Waterfalls on the Way into Lake Nellie

Lawren HARRIS (1885–1970)

Harris, Shimmering Water, Agonquin Park

A.Y. JACKSON (1882–1972)
Jackson, Early Spring, Quebec

 Franz JOHNSTON (1888–1949)

Johnston, High Park

  Arthur LISMER (1885–1969)

Lismer, Pacific Coast

J.E.H. MACDONALD (1873–1932)

MacDonald, Autumn, Algoma

F.H. VARLEY (1881–1969)

 Varley, Stormy Weather in Georgian Bay

 Invited members:

A. J. CASSON (1898-1992) joined the Group in 1926.

 Casson, Bon Echo

Edwin HOLGATE (1892-1977) joined the Group in 1931


L.L. FITZGERALD (1890-1956) joined the Group in 1932

Ftzgerald, Doc Snider´s House

Emily Carr (1871–1945), another famous artist, after meeting members of the Group, changed the direction of her artistic life and was strongly influenced by them.

Carr, Tree in Autumn
The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto holds one of Canada´s most extensive collections of fine art and modern sculpture.

The McMichael Canadian Art Collection:

Murray, Joan. Northern Lights. Masterpieces of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven. Key Porter Books, 1994

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  1. Hi Teresa! It's interesting that you pointed out the work of the "Group of Seven". It is a very interesting work that calls for contemplation. I am fortuanate, because I had the opportunity to see several works from the artists that integrate this group at the AGO, when I visited Toronto a few years ago. Thank you for making me remeber.

  2. Thank you, Paula, for your comments. If you have time look at one of my last posts about "Art in Venezuela", where I am now.