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quinta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2013

Mountain View

This expression, Mountain View, is beautiful. It reminds me of those nice hotels and the tricky question we are often asked when checking in: “Do you prefer Ocean View or Mountain View?” and I never know what to answer because I really love both. I was born in a mountainous island so my link to the sea and to the mountains is equally important. 

When I started this blog I became acquainted with a city in California called “Mountain View” named for its views of the Santa Cruz Mountains. It is situated in the Silicon Valley home to many of the world's largest technology companies.

 I think I must thank those “Mountain Viewers” (is this the name we call people who live there?) who care to read my blog, because when I check the country of the readers they always come first in USA. 

Last week an English friend who visited me liked my books and wondered how nice it must be to have a bilingual library- because as for him, he could only read in English. Well those people in Mountain View they also read my posts in Portuguese, probably because the community of Portuguese descendants there is as big as in many Californian towns.

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