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quarta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2013

Nadir Afonso has died at 93

" The artist does not produce any work while work does not produce fulfilment in the artist."

Nadir Afonso
in Colecção Arte Contemporânea. Nadir Afonso. Bertrand 1986

Portuguese painter, architect and philosopher, Nadir Afonso (Chaves, December 4, 1920 - Cascais, December 11, 2013) has died at the age of 93.

After completing secondary school in Chaves, Nadir Afonso moved to Porto, in 1938, to enrol in the Painting course at the Porto School of Fine Arts, but was then convinced to forget about Painting and choose Architecture instead, as it was more prestigious. However, he never lost his love for painting. Nadir continued to paint and in 1965 he abandoned architecture to dedicate himself fully to Painting.

Nadir's works are part of important museums in Portugal and abroad, namely in Lisbon, Porto, Amarante, Rio de Janeiro, S. Paulo, Budapest, Paris (Centre Georges Pompidou), Berlin and Wurzburg.

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