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domingo, 2 de março de 2014

Cromer Carnival

In August 1981 I spent a wonderful time in Cromer during Carnival. It is always held in the summer, because I suppose the weather is better. 

What I recall most from the show were the red arrows doing acrobatics in the air and also a parade with allegoric themes (at time Margaret Thatcher was in power and there was a bitter struggle against the miners in the north of England- a bit of History my students became aware of after reading and watching Billy Elliot last year). 

Before the party, my boyfriend - who is now my husband - and I were invited by very nice people we met there for a lavish brunch. I don´t remember sausages as good as those- I was travelling with my Interrail card and didn´t have enough money to try all the British delicacies- so that meal became even more memorable.

Today I checked the internet and there is a website about Cromer Carnival. It was thus with enormous pleasure that I saw the Blades again doing incredible acrobatics in the air.

Unfortunately the photos I took of them at the time were of very bad quality.

While I was living in Madeira there wasn´t this big parade we now watch on TV but it was a funny occasion to open the closet and try out old clothes. Later, in High School, I took a contest seriously and managed to win first prize after dressing as a Charleston dancer… Those were nice memories and souvenirs...


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