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segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2015

Parque Nacional El Ávila

Ávila mountains. View from Topotepuy gardens

The Parque Nacional El Ávila consists of a steep verdant mountain running about 90km east-west along the coast. It separates Caracas from the sea and it is crossed north to south by a few 4WD tracks and the cable car.

It is impossible not to fall in love with these beautiful mountains.

Manuel Cabré (1890-1984)," the Ávila painter", at Bellas Artes Museum, Caracas

The peak of El Ávila is 2175m high

and has a fantastic landmark visible from almost every point in the city: the circular 14-story Humboldt hotel built in 1956.

It was closed when the cable car stopped running but they say renovations are underway to reopen it in 2016.

We climbed the Ávila to have lunch in a restaurant that had breathtaking views of the mountain and the Caribbean Sea stretching away to the horizon (it is very often foggy, but fortunately it doesn´t last for too long).

On the way back to Caracas a tree fell on the road preventing the jeep to go any further- we had to go down the other way (to La Guaira)

I am very lucky to have a bit of the Ávila from my place

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  1. Devem ter sido umas férias inesquecíveis não apenas pelos cenários que consegues descrever tão bem como também pela companhia dos filhotes...

    1. Sim, acho que foram. Sobretudo a viagem a Canaima para ver O Salto do Angel:( http://relvateresa.blogspot.com/2015/08/parque-nacional-canaima.html )