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quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2012

The Electric Suction Sweeper

James Murray Spangler (1848-1915) invented the vacuum cleaner or the electric suction sweeper as he called it, an invention that revolutionized carpet cleaning. J. Spangler was an asthmatic who was frustrated at his dusty work of sweeping the carpet in the department store where he worked as a janitor.

He first tested his invention in 1907. During the next year, he refined the vacuum numerous times, and received a patent for his sweeper. However he didn't have the capital to mass-produce his gadget. He turned for advice to W.H. Hoover (1849-1932), a leather-goods manufacturer who knew nothing about electrical appliances, but recognized a good business opportunity. Hoover bought the patent in 1908. After Spangler´s death his family continued to receive royalties until his patent expired in 1924. Hoover was credited with a great invention he had nothing to do and the inventor was forgotten.

In Britain Hoover turned into a verb (to hoover means to clean with a vacuum cleaner) and a noun:
It´s your turn to do the hoovering!

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