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sábado, 28 de julho de 2012

The Olympic Games

London 2012

27 July-12 August

Originally, the ancient Olympic Games were held in Olympia, Greece from the 8th century BC to the 4th century AD. They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D. that all "pagan cults" be banned.

The idea of reviving the Olympic Games came from Pierre de Coubertin, the founder of the modern Olympic Games, as a way of promoting understanding across cultures and a philosophic ideal of athletic competition where the competition itself became more important than winning. Athens hosted the first Olympics of the modern era in 1896.

 London hosted the Olympic Games three times: in 1908, 1948 and 2012.

The symbol of the Olympic Games is composed of five interlocked rings coloured blue, yellow, black, green, and red. They were originally designed in 1912 by Pierre de Coubertin, and represent the five continents involved in the Olympics.

The London 2012 Opening Ceremony

The 2012 Olympics have opened in London in a spectacular ceremony, “this is for everyone”, celebrating the history and culture of Britain and its contributions to the world through innovation and revolution.

One of the highlights of Daniel Boyle`s imaginative film for the celebration were the Queen and James Bond together in Buckingham Palace. For a moment we thought 007(Daniel Craig) was going to escort the “real” Queen to the opening Ceremony, when she said “Good evening, Mr. Bond” and rose from her desk.

In the stadium England's countryside was quickly transformed into a centre of industrial activity, celebrating Britain's role as the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

A pastoral scene representing England before the industrial revolution.

The rings representing the Games and the industrial revolution were lit and lifted during the ceremony.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web that has changed the way we communicate forever.

Even Britain´s best loved nanny, Mary Poppins flew inside the stadium.

Mr Bean (Rowan Atkinson) also made an appearance as a keyboard player at the ceremony while Sir Simon Rattle conducted the London Symphony Orchestra.

The people on the bikes represented doves, which were released at the ancient Greek games.

The torch formed of 205 copper petals representing the competing nations coming together for the Games was lit by seven young Torchbearers nominated by Britain’s greatest Olympians. After the Games each of the petal-torch will be given to each of the national teams.
The ceremony also paid tribute to four decades of British Music. Sir Paul McCartney performed “Hey Jude” at the end.

The Royal Family and the Olympics

King Edward VII opened the 1908 London Olympic Games.

King George VI at the opening ceremony of the 1948 London Olympic Games.

Queen Elizabeth II had the honour of opening the London Olympics, as Head of State. She was accompanied by her husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

The Queen previously opened Canada´s Montreal Games in 1976.

This dress inspired by the official Olympic symbol was worn by The Queen during her attendance at the Montreal Olympics. 

The Duke of Edinburgh opened on her behalf the  Melbourne Games in Australia, in 1956.

The Princess Royal is the only member of the Royal Family ever to have competed in the Olympic Games (1976).

The Princess Royal's daughter, Zara Philips, will compete in the London 2012 Olympics on her horse High Kingdom .

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