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segunda-feira, 11 de março de 2013

March 1957

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Nat king Cole " When I Fall in Love"

Fats Domino "Blueberry Hill"

The 29th Academy Oscar Awards were presented including:

Best Picture:"Around the World in 80 days" 

Best Director: George Stevens for "Giant"

Best Actress: Ingrid Bergman for "Anastasia"

Best Actor: Yul Brynner for "The King and I"

TV Program on CBS:


President Eisenhower and  Prime Minister Harold MacMillan of Great Britain continued their meetings in Bermuda as the two world leaders discussed opportunities to mend the English-US relations damaged  by policy differences in the Middle East.

A British Parliamentary Act signed by Queen Elizabeth II established life imprisonment as the most severe penalty for murder. The debate on whether or not to abolish capital punishment would become a most important issue in countries around the world.

 My sister and I on my Baptism Day

March 11 2013

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