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sábado, 4 de outubro de 2014

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25 Jahre

October 3 is the national day of Germany. It commemorates the anniversary of German reunification.
Although the Berlin Wall came down on 9 November 1989 it was 1 year later the reunification was formally completed, on October 3, 1990. 

The German Ambassador, who is also a musician, presented his guests with a concert perfomed by Venezuelan musicians he met during his assignment in this country and he also played the piano in "Wind of Change" and the flute in "Locomotive Breath". 

(If you have read this till now, don´t miss the lyrics of the song)

Wind of Change is a 1990 ballad written by Klaus Meine, vocalist in the German rock band, Scorpions. He inspired himself in the winds of change that spread in Europe after the end of Cold War, the Soviet Union and the Fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Locomotive Breath is a song by the British rock band Jethro Tull. It is notable for its flute solo. It was performed by the ambassador himself who took this opportunity to say goodbye as he is soon moving to another assignment. 

The term "locomotive breath" refers to the fatigue from a steam locomotive. 

I wish the ambassador and his charming wife L “Alles Gut für die Zukunft”

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