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quinta-feira, 29 de janeiro de 2015

Loren´s biography

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow is Sophia Loren's autobiography, revealing her personal life from the hardship of her childhood in Naples to her life as a Hollywood star, sharing stories of other actors, films, and her family.

When she met Cary Grant, who even proposed to her, Sophia and Carlo Ponti were together but couldn’t marry because he couldn’t get a divorce - the law in Italy at that time was extremely strict related to divorce. This was, of course, a very frustrating situation.

Today I was really shocked when I read this passage:

… I was just starting to relax [on the plane] when I let an innocent comment slip. Or maybe it really wasn´t that innocent.

“ Cary sent me a bunch of yellow roses before I left. Yellow for jeaulousy? He´s so adorable…”

Carlo turned toward me suddenly and slapped me in the face, in front of everyone. My face turned bright red with anger and shame, the white impression of his fingertips on my cheek stinging. I felt tears land one by one on my cheeks. I wanted to die, but inside I knew that I had somehow deserved it. And yet I still didn´t regret what I´d said…I knew that Carlo´s slap, which may be hard to understand today, was the gesture of a man in love, who had seen his love threatened by another man…This was the confirmation I had been seeking for a long time. Carlo loved me, I had made my choice, and it was the right one”.

(page 127)


However the story of her life evolved into a captivating, sometimes poetic  narrative as elegant and beautiful as Sophia Loren herself.

The actress of A special Day (1977) couldn´t let me down:

There will always be a once upon a time for every little girl who looks at the world with big eyes and a lust for life

(page 315)

Sophia Loren turned 80 last year.

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