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quarta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2015

Gödöllő Royal Palace

The Palace is situated 30 km northeast of Budapest.

Queen Maria Theresa

It was built by a distinguished Hungarian nobleman and minister of Queen Maria Theresa von Habsburg, one of the most remarkable rulers in 18th century European History (one of her children was Marie Antoinette, who became even more famous than her mother, for a very unfortunate reason).


In the time of the Austro- Hungarian monarchy, the Palace was one of the favourite retreats of Sisi, (Queen Elisabeth). She used it for family celebrations, hunts and horse riding contests. Sisi often spent weeks and months in Gödöllő to get rid of Vienna court ceremonial. 

"Sisi" with Romy Schneider

When she died in 1898, the court life in Gödöllő came to a sudden end. Francis Joseph, her husband, seldom visited the palace. His heir, Charles IV, who was crowned in 1916, and his family came to Gödöllő only once, in 1918, when the monarchy collapsed. 

After World War II the palace was used as both a barracks for Soviet troops and as a home for the aged, which led to the decay of the building.

Its renewal started in the 1990s, after the departure of Soviet troops, and since 1996 it has been open to visitors.

No photographs are allowed inside.

Gödöllő, 11 January 2015

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