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quarta-feira, 5 de outubro de 2016

Congratulations António Guterres!!

Antonio Guterres: the new UN Secretary General.

Former PM of Portugal and former UN's Refugee High Commissioner until last December, Antonio Guterres, won today the sixth secret ballot with 13 "encourage" votes and two "no opinion" votes. None of the five Security Council veto powers voted against him.

I was so pleased with the news in my cell phone that I had to tell the friends who were having lunch with me in Country Club after we played bridge (they were from Germany- I could not help mentioning that Georgieva came too late to the race. My Spanish friend also agreed with me- women should take important roles if they win, not because of genre. My Japanese friend was glad for me.) Unfortunately with all the excitement I forgot my glasses but managed to recover them.

Congratulations to the man who once said he had a passion for education.

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