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domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

FADO- intangible cultural heritage

Today in Bali, Indonesia, Fado, a unique musical genre that opens a window into the Portuguese soul, has been classified by Unesco as intangible cultural heritage. The application to recognize Fado’s unique sphere in universal culture started as far back as 2005. Besides the music, the historical neighbourhoods of Alfama, Mouraria and Madragoa, where Fado is sung almost daily, will also be recognized.

The singing of Fado began in Lisbon in the XIX century but its popularity waned in the mid 20th century, regaining popularity in recent years. A younger generation of Portuguese and curious foreigners have now begun to attend new places dedicated to this genre of music. For example, the recently opened POVO bar/restaurant near Cais do Sodré seeks to expound Fado to cater for the growing demand of young listeners.

Paintings by José Malhoa and Paula Rego

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