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quinta-feira, 16 de maio de 2013

Graduation Day

Norman Rockwell, The Prom Dress

Graduation Day is a memorable day for all students and their families. There are two separate ceremonies that nobody wants to miss: 

The conferring of diplomas
Prom Night

On graduation day from high school or college the principal, a special guest and one of the students who is leaving make a speech. The student who speaks is usually one who achieved the highest grades. Indeed, it is an honour to be chosen and that person is called the valedictorian. As the ceremony proceeds, the students are called one by one to receive their diplomas with the sound of clapping hands and the flashes of photographers. 

Afterwards everybody goes outside to see the students throw their caps into the air. 

For Prom Night, the girl will find a stunning prom dress (usually in a pale colour), sparkly jewelry, the perfect shoes and, of course a date to escort her in the promenade, who offers her a small and elegant bouquet of flowers or a wrist corsage to match the dress. 

If you are a boy I’m sure you will find a classic tuxedo that will make you look like James Bond, but don’t forget you must use a boutonnier pinned to the lapel ( to match the girl´s flowers). 

The Prom or Promenade is rehearsed several times to make sure no mistakes are made on the day. Parents are invited to this ceremony (They normally take lots of photographs, a subject that needs to be discussed previously at home for it seems that some children at that age might not enjoy being photographed).


Limousine (Limo)
Afterwards the students join their friends, who together with their partners rent a limo, and go to the ball. Let the fun begin

I must say that looking back it may seem a bit kitch, all the preparation, but I would have loved to have a graduation in such great style when I was a student…Nevertheless, my son, first, and then my daughter graduated from high school in the United States and so I was able to glimpse that wonderful celebration.

Showcase in EB 2,3 Paula Vicente, Lisbon

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