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domingo, 29 de setembro de 2013

A case of resemblance

 Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia

 King George V of the United Kingdom

The resemblance between King George V and Tsar Nicholas II was so remarkable that numerous instances of mistaken identity occured. Probably the worst was at the wedding of the then Prince of Wales to Mary of Teck in 1893. At the reception Prince George was mistaken by one of the guests who asked him if he had come to London on business or simply for the wedding. Prince George replied that as it was his wedding he felt he should attend.

Tsar Nicholas II, who was murdered by the Bolsheviks in 1917, and King George V were both first cousins. No wonder Prince Philip said in 1967:
“I’d like to go to Russia very much – although the bastards murdered half my family.” 

Regan, Geoffrey. The Guinness Book of Royal Blunders. London 1995

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