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segunda-feira, 9 de setembro de 2013

Sunset at Montmajour

A new painting by the Dutch master Vincent Van Gogh (1853- 1890) has come to light.

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, which holds the largest collection of the artist's work, announced on Monday the discovery of a newly identified painting, a landscape titled "Sunset at Montmajour". It depicts a landscape in the vicinity of Arles in the south of France, where Van Gogh was working at that time. The museum attributed the painting to Van Gogh after "extensive research into style, technique, paint, canvas, the depiction, Van Gogh's letters and the provenance."

Starting September 24, it will appear in "Van Gogh At Work," an exhibition currently on show at the museum in Amsterdam.

Van Gogh achieved little recognition as an artist during his lifetime, but his reputation blossomed in the years after his suicide at the age of 37, following years of mental illness.

His works now hang in leading museums and galleries around the world.

In its statement, the Van Gogh Museum didn't divulge the full story behind the discovery of "Sunset at Montmajour," saying it would be published in the October edition of The Burlington Magazine, a fine art publication, and at the museum.

Louis van Tilborgh and Teio Meedendorp, two senior researchers at the museum, said the painting had belonged to the collection of van Gogh's younger brother, Theo, in 1890 and was sold in 1901.

I am a great admirer of Van Gogh´s work. In 2010 I had the opportunity to visit “The Real Van Gogh- The Artist and His Letters” in the Royal Academy of Arts in London where I learned about his amazing writing skills. His correspondence, displayed next to his paintings, showed a remarkable ability to communicate ideas, feelings, art and life in an emotive language. What then surprised me most about the letters to his brother Theo was his ability to join his writing with tiny sketches of his work.

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