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sábado, 21 de setembro de 2013


Passionada is a 2002 romantic comedy film directed by Dan Ireland and starring Jason Isaacs, Sofia Milos, Emmy Rossum, Seymour Cassel  and Theresa Russell. The screenplay is by the brothers Jermanok and David Bakalar was the producer.

The story of the film is set in New Bedford, MA- USA where a large population of Portuguese descendants live. Some stars of the film attended the world première in New Bedford.

Celia Amonte (Sofia Milos) is a beautiful Portuguese-American woman who lost her husband, a fisherman, to an accident at sea. Eight years after his death, Celia remains loyal to her late husband's memory, even though her teenage daughter, Vicky (Emmy Rossum), frequently encourages her to start dating again. Vicky meets a handsome Englishman named Charlie Beck (Jason Isaacs), who gambles for a living. and makes him watch her mother perform at a local nightclub, where she sings the fado. Charlie is immediately taken with her, but Celia isn't especially interested in him. In time, Charlie's charm eventually conquers Celia and a romance begins to bloom…

I enjoyed the film very much.

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