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sábado, 8 de novembro de 2014

12 Treasures of Europe

For the The New York Times Travel section on Europe (Oct. 19 issue) special items were selected to outline 12 Treasure Cities.

Portugal was chosen for its tiles:

“Is there a bluer country than Portugal? The blue sky and Atlantic Ocean embrace the land. The blue moods of Fado, the melancholy folk music, form the national soundtrack. And all across Portugal, the typically blue designs of azulejos — ceramic tiles — are spread across churches, monasteries, castles, palaces, university halls, parks, train stations, hotel lobbies and apartment facades. The result is an embellished land of Christian saints, biblical episodes, Portuguese kings, historical glories, pastoral idylls, aristocrats at leisure, landscapes, seascapes, floral designs and, above all, geometric motifs…”

Read the article here.

Portuguese Tiles

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