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quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2014

Time to learn about Polish Culture

Today in the embassy of Poland, in a warm gathering of friends, Anna, the current ambassadress, introduced her guests to the former ballet dancer Nina Novak, who was born in Poland in 1927. 

She joined the School of Ballet of the Opera of Warsaw, in 1935, but, with the German and later Russian invasions, she was sent to a concentration camp. She managed to escape, however, and began dancing in 1948 with the Russian Ballet of Montecarlo.

She then fell in love with a Venezuelan diplomat and so rejected several invitations to join ballet companies worldwide. Nina Novak has been living in Venezuela since 1963, where she founded the Academia de Ballet Clásico Nina Novak.

Her students “don’t speak Polish but dance Polish”, seeing  the renowned mazurka as a must in any of her classes.

Time went by quickly and so, unfortunately, I had to leave before tasting samples of Polish cuisine, among them Pope John Paul II’s Kremówka Papieska / "Papal" Cream Cake.

It was a wonderful event and I very much look forward to even more samples of Poland's amazing culture!

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