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domingo, 15 de novembro de 2015


Ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica.

Perhaps because Jamaicans are the only people who eat ackee, the fruit has over the years assumed significant cultural importance as its representation is nowadays widely employed as a motif of art and popular culture.

Before the fruit is fully developed, the pods are peach-coloured and tightly closed. When mature they become red and open to expose the edible portion toped by black seeds.

Then, the golden flesh is washed, boiled in water or sautéed in oil before mixing with tomatoes, onions and pepper for Jamaica´s national dish: ackee and salt fish (normally cod).

The breadfruit -1 (intended to provide a supply of cheap food for slaves) and the June plum-2 ( made into a drink) are other fruits I wasn´t familiar with.

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