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quarta-feira, 18 de novembro de 2015

A short visit to Panama

Panamá National Day 2015 in Caracas

November 3rd is when Panama declared its independence from Colombia.

Panama City is called "Crossroads of the World" in light of how many people pass through it.

View from the 28th floor of our hotel

It is as lively as other major cities. In recent years, its skyline has been transformed and huge skyscrapers were constructed.

They say Panama is an indian word that means " an abundance of fish". Tourists can understand that after reading the menus.

Fuel is a lot cheaper than in Portugal.

The only problem are the taxi drivers - you must always ask the price of a journey or you may end up paying three times more. 

Fortunately, they advised us at our hotel to travel by metro, which was efficient,  very cheap ($0,35) 

and you avoid traffic jams. 

It is, moreover, difficult to walk within the city because of the hot wet weather and a general lack of zebra crossings.

Shopping: Panama has it all. The shopping centres are modern with several brands (some of which are very luxurious).

It’s also much cooler inside and so the temperature is just ideal.

Casco Viejo

 Did you know Panama hats are not from Panama?

Panama´s city old quarter has been declared a World heritage site and over the past decade it has experienced a dramatic rebirth, one that rivals old Cartagena or even Bogotá.

The Panama Canal

Panama City is indeed more than just a canal...

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