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quinta-feira, 19 de maio de 2016

The Galp joke

Two Portuguese men went on a trip to London to attend a conference on lowering the price of petrol. One of them worked for the Portuguese oil company, Galp, and was not very fluent in English. His friend, however, worked for Shell, spoke perfect English, and thus helped his friend with translating what was said to him.

One evening they decided to go out for dinner and then maybe dance. As soon as they arrived they saw some nice girls sitting at a nearby table. Both men decided that they wanted to invite them to dance. The one working for Shell told his friend that the approach was easy. All he had to do was follow him and say the same…

And that is exactly what happened. He thus led by example, going to the table where the girls were seated, and asking one of them: ‘Shall we dance?’ The girl was apparently impressed, standing up and showcasing also her beautiful smile.

Then, the other friend did his best to do the same, approaching the second girl and asking her:

‘Galp oui dance?’

Conclusion: You should learn English properly to enjoy yourself, otherwise you will end up seated along at the other side of the bar.

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