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domingo, 14 de julho de 2013

Are you a tile lover?

Today I went to the handicraft FIL (International Lisbon Fair) exhibition and found this interesting piece: a necklace made of a small hand painted tile.

If you are interested in tiles don´t miss Quinta da Bacalhoa
 in Azeitão, Portugal. 

Here you will find one of the oldest tiles in this country dating from 1565. 

Palácio do Marquês da Fronteira in Benfica and of course the Church of Madre de Deus and the Museum of Tile cannot be forgotten.

If you enjoy tiles and also have a sweet tooth go to Fábrica dos Pastéis de Belem and enjoy both: beautiful tiles and the delicious and the truly authentic custard tarts.

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  1. Fico feliz por ter gostado tanto dos meus azulejos.
    Poderá ver mais em www.facebook.com/atelier.iliarte

    Inês Antunes