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segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2013

Nik Wallenda's Grand Canyon Walk.

Nik Wallenda, 34 and a father of three is a member of the famed Flying Wallendas, whose ancestors traveled as a band of acrobats, aerialists, animal trainers and trapeze artists. In June 2013, he completed a walk across the Little Colorado River gorge near the Grand Canyon in Arizona without a safety harness, one year after crossing the Niagara Falls.

One camera showed the view looking down to the river 457 meters below. Wallenda stepped slowly and steadily and stopped twice during the 22 minute walk. The winds were higher than expected, and he said it took every bit of him to stay focused.

If you are afraid of heights, forget about this video

I visited the amazing Grand Canyon 9 years ago in a much safer way and took lots of pictures.

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