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sábado, 19 de outubro de 2013

Make or do?

I have been grading tests since yesterday and realized some students still find it difficult to use the verbs make and do.

In fact these two words have very similar meanings besides the fact they are translated into Portuguese with the same word (fazer). It is often difficult to choose between them.


However, we use do when we are talking about an activity without saying exactly what it is.

Do something!

I don´t know what to do.

What are you doing?

He likes doing nothing.

Do is isually the correct word when we are talking about work.

I dislike doing housework. I hate doing the cooking/ the shopping/the cleaning/ the washing up. I think I should get a maid to do all that.

Do is also used with the following expressions:

Do good/ harm/ business/ one´s best/ a favour.


Make expresses the idea of creation and construction.

My mother has just made a delicious cake.

Let´s make a plan!

I always make my bed in the morning.

Make is also used with the following expressions:

Make an offer/ an arrangement / an attempt/ an effort/ an excuse/ an exception/ an impression

Make/ a mistake/ a noise/ a profit/ a speech / a suggestion/ a decision/ a claim/ a comment/ a promise/ a protest/ a start/ a success/ a change/ a point

Make love/ war/ peace/ progress

The internet provides many explanations and exercises. Try these:

Play the game


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