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sábado, 26 de outubro de 2013

Royal Paintbox

Queen Victoria.The Children at Osborne. 1850.

Members of the British Royal family have been inspired to paint, draw and sculpt for generations. Royal Paintbox: Royal Artists Past and Present, an exhibition at Windsor Castle, from 22 June 2013 to 26 January 2014, shows examples of their handiwork from the last 350 years.

Duke of Edinburgh.The Queen  Reading in the Private Dining Room, Windsor Castle. 1965. Oil on panel

Also on display are a series of watercolours by the Prince of Wales who often paints in the open air, particularly on The Queen’s Balmoral estate in Scotland, which served as a great source of inspiration.

The Prince of Wales sometimes calls himself “Carrick”. One of his titles is Earl of Carrick. He signs some personal notes with this name.

Photo: Nadav Kander for TIME

The prints of his watercolour paintings are marketed by A.G. Carrick, a trading arm of the Prince of Wales Charitable Foundation.

Balmoral Castle. 1989.Watercolour

Beinn a Bhuird from Ballochbuie, Deeside. 1991.Watercolour

Sandringham House. 1991.Watercolour

Lochnagar from the Gelder Cottage. 2012.Watercolour



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