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sábado, 19 de julho de 2014

Arraiolos Rugs

Sculpture at Arraiolos

Arraiolos rugs are traditionally made at Arraiolos, in Alentejo, Portugal. 

Unlike oriental carpets they are not made in a loom.

The arraiolos technique is a form of cross-stitch that completely covers the linen cloth foundation. 

The oldest carpets date from the 17th century. They were inspired by Oriental style Persian carpets.

The carpet in this bookcover belongs to the collection of the Victoria and Albert museum in England. It is a 17th century rug bought in 1895.

I only started to appreciate Arraiolos rugs when I learned how to make them.

N&B tile design rug- 2014

Geometric design

Runner with matching rug

One of my favourites. A 17th century "ropes"design.

Bedroom rug (set of three)

This is also a 17th century design

A tile design

Rug with a repetition of  pattern (they are the easiest ones to make)

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  1. You are so clever (not to mention patient...)! They are all lovely, but I have a definite favourite, of course ;) xx