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sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2014

Art in Bogotá

Fernando Botero

One of the highlights of Bogotá is Botero´s collection- a permanent exhibition of works of art donated by Fernando Botero, Colombia´s most famous artist, to the Banco de la República. 

The first part of the collection contains works of European artists From Corot to Barcelo (including around 140 years of painting). The second part is about Botero´s own work, showcasing his paintings, drawings and sculptures.

Botero has achieved international recognition for his work in the last three decades. He is known for showing people or other figures via large, exaggerated volume, which can represent either political criticism or humour.

Botero, who is now 82, lives in Milan, Italy.

The First Lady

The President

The thief



I loved the floor near the gift shop: terracota tiles and stones.
 Botero Museum, Bogota, July 31

In the National Museum there is also a modern art section that features paintings by Botero and other Colombian artists, including Guillermo Wiedemann, Alejandro Obregón, Santiago Cárdenas. 

King Philip II of Spain

National Museum, Bogota. August 1 2014.

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