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domingo, 3 de agosto de 2014

Bogotá in 4 days

Bogotá is situated in a large valley at the bottom of beautiful green mountains. 

The city sits at an altitude of 2640m.

Cerro de Monserrate (3160m) is one of its peaks.

You can reach the top by cable car, funicular railway or on foot   ( I haven´t seen anyone climbing the mountain). As all the ways seemed rather frightening, I chose the cable car.

The view of the city from the top is superb as you can have an overview of this big city with almost 9 million inhabitants.

In case you feel sick...

It is also a pilgrimage place due to the statue of the Fallen Christ to which many miracles have been attributed.

The oldest part of the city is La Candelaria. The usual place to start discovering the city is Plaza Bolivar with a statue of the Libertador Simon Bolivar.

Teatro Cólon opened in 1892 for the fourth centenary of the discovery of America.

The Gold Museum contains many pieces from the pre-Hispanic cultures in Colombia.

Botero collection and the National Museum (Art in Bogota) are a must see.

The Church of San Francisco (1556) is Bogotá´s oldest surviving church. It is extraordinary the 17th century gilded altarpiece.

Quinta de Bolívar (1800) is a mansion donated to Bolivar in gratitude for his services.

To learn more about this beautiful stone...

A stroll in the old part of the city or in the modern area (a haven for consumers with all the international brands) is important for you to get to know why Bogotá is a lively city with a very interesting past.

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