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terça-feira, 7 de julho de 2015

Isla de Margarita revisited

Isla de Margarita is Venezuela´s largest island. There are daily flights from Caracas (Maiquetia airport) to the island. It takes only 35 minutes. It has many beaches but for me the most interesting place to (re)visit is the national park of Laguna de la Restinga.
I only stayed one night on this island, but it was difficult to "adapt" to the decoration of the hotel the travel agency booked for us.

Next day we went on a  boat trip  to the lagoon.

I visited it for the first time with my family in 2005 and found it beautiful again.

We could no longer watch the seahorse because it is forbidden to remove it from the water to show us (and then send it back to its habitat) but there were many sea stars.

The national park covers the lagoon and the labyrinthine channels lined with mangroves.

The interconnecting channels have romantic names.

They are a habitat for a variety of birds, including pelicans.

Can you see a sleeping Indian?

The twin hills are called Las Tetas de Maria Guevara

The boat took us to a beach where we had the freshest oysters you can imgine and also grilled fish and lobster.

Sorry! None left.

Isla de Margarita 2005 and 2015

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