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quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013

Laranja, orange, portakal

The orange could be found in China around 2200 BC. In the map, in green, we can see the countries that named it after Portugal, as the Portuguese merchants were the first to introduce the orange in Europe. However, the dominant word in much of eastern and northern Europe comes from a word meaning "apple from China”

The orange left Lisbon to discover America with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage. He planted the first orange tree in the New World in 1493, in Haiti, then called Hispaniola.

The first American orange plantation was Spanish. It flourished in Florida, in St Augustine in the 16th century.

King William of Orange (1650-1702), who took his name from The House of Orange- the principality and town of Orange in south-east France, made many anti- Catholic laws, very unpopular in Ireland. As a result the people of that island declared no orange tree should ever grow on Irish soil.

Paul Cézanne. Still Life with a Curtain .1895

In the 19th century poor children dreamed of getting a precious orange for Christmas.


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