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quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2015

Madeira embroidery / Bordado da Madeira


Madeira embroidery is part of Madeira´s culture. Since the 1850’s, the embroidery of Madeira has been considered to be the finest in the world. It uses only the finest linen, cotton or organdy. The tablecloths are the prime symbol of Madeira embroidery.

They are made with different floral designs and a combination of different stitches, such as Richelieu and bastido. Embroidery is traditionally carried out at home by skilled women. 

If the participation of Madeira at the Universal Exhibition in London in 1851 was a great success, which made England the best market for Madeira embroidery, nowadays it is produced by order for clients from all over the world and is a souvenir sought by many tourists, who can afford this beautiful luxury product that will last several generations if you take good care of it.

Don´t forget : To be considered authentic Madeira, it must be MADE in Madeira, Portugal- our products are praised for their artistic perfection.

Embroidered red poinsettia for Christmas

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