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segunda-feira, 8 de agosto de 2011

Do you Like Riddles and Jokes?!!!

Read and check the answers below

1. Why did the Robber take a bath?
2. Why don’t fish play tennis?
3. What never asks questions, but always has to be answered?
4. How can you take one away from nine and get ten?                             

5. When does Thursday come before Wednesday?
6. What did the fork say to the knife?
7. What do teachers and eye doctors have in common? 

8. What starts with E and ends with E and has one letter in it?

9. How do robbins stay in shape? 

10. How did the barber get to the shop so quickly? 

11. Why can´t a bike stand up by itself? 

12. When is a stick like a king?                      

1. To get a clean getaway
2. Because they’re afraid of getting caught in the net.
3. The Telephone.
4. Use Roman numerals. (IX-I=X)
5.  In the dictionary.
6. “You’re looking sharp”.
7. They both test pupils.
8. An envelope.
9. they do worm-ups.
10. He took a shortcut.
11. Because it´s too-tired.
12. When it is a ruler.

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